Friday, December 21, 2012

50% Discount for ProfessionalPack Rentals!

This weekend Sparrow Rentals ProfessionalPack - 50% Discount! For members of Sparrow Industries group there is additional 50% Discount. If you use Special Offer vendor the price drops for new 25%...Do not miss this opportunity!
Sparrow Rentals ProfessionalPack Vendor contains:
☺ Sparrow Rentals Server Boxed
☺ My Sparrow Pass
☺ Sparrow Rentals Rentalbox Boxed
☺ Sparrow Rentals RentalSpot Boxed

☺ Sparrow Rentals ATM Boxed
This special offer ends on Sunday, 23rd!! (Second Life Midnight).
Sparrow Industries Team
For more informations visit Sparrow Industries Main Store @ Kimberley!

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