Friday, November 2, 2012

Link Gun (BNWCS, DCS 2.0)

Sparrow Industries - Impact Weapons Tech
Sparrow Industries SPI engine designed to work perfect with the most combat engines are available in the second life. With advanced scripting techniques and very nice and sculpted models, we succeed to release those series of weapons with low price and high quality. Those weapons are not designed for grieffing or disturbing the world of second life, but to give accurate shots and abilities to mod the settings for maximum performance during your RP war game.
• High Precise Targeting
• HD Bullets Phys
• High damage for BNWCS and DSC2.0 combat systems
• Adjustable Rate of fire. (1-10 bullets per second)
• Adjustable bullet speed (100 – 250 meters per second)
• 3 Modes(Single, Burst, Auto )
• Advanced Cross shooting system for higher rate of shooting
• Recolor parts*
• Gestures for fast draw and holster modes
• 200 Bullets Magazines
• Silencer
While your weapon is in single mode, it will fire only 1 bullet per click. The bullet will not use the cross fire technique and will fire up from the middle for the best accurate targeting. Best usages for long distance sharp shoots.
When you set Burst mode, the weapon will fire up 3 bullets per 1 click. Non cross technique. This mode is perfect for better controlling the magazine’s remaining bullets.
In this mode, the bullets are unleashed. Automatic mode will keep firing up bullets as long you hold the mouse button pressed. Cross firing also enabled for fastest bullet rezzing.
Rate of fire means how many bullets per one second will released from the weapon. 1 b/s means that will fire 1 bullet every 1 second. That means as higher the ROF is more bullets will shot per second. The most of the RP sims allow weapons up to 8 or 10 b/s. Higher rates will cause extremely lag during shooting.
Higher speed means faster bullets. Depends of the usage of your weapon you have to test and adjust those settings for the maximum performance of your weapon. The measurement of these settings counts on M/s (Meters per second). If you going to use the weapon for close targets, you should keep this setting low (100-125 m/s), but if you want to use it on long distance shoots you should use faster bullets (200-250 m/s).
Weapons using physical prims known as bullets fired to the target with high speed. Because of the continuously and rapid rezing of the bullets causing collision between the bullets when they are rezed in straight line. Cross Firing means that the bullets will not been fired in straight line but with an offset to left and right on each bullet. That prevents the colliders to impact when your weapon used in automatic mode. This mode will relax the sim’s colliders and the LAG will gone.

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