Friday, November 2, 2012

Sparrow Security Affiliate - Level 1

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Sparrow Industries Affilate vendor
Hello everyone, first i want to thank you for stop and check this!!!
Sparrow industries is an active and healthy company in secondlife who is specialized on security bots. The company exists for 2 years and me the owner i thing it is time to give the opurtunity to help you make some profits!!!
All the security bots are pricey items, so dont be scared about the amount of the vendor price, as example the arcadian cost 1.400l$ and you keep 280l$ for every sale. That means you need only 18 sales to take your money back.
This is not a purcharce , actualy is an investment !!! cause the vendor includes ALL current and FUTURE Land security products!!!!
1st level (20%): Arcadian 1.400l$, you keep 280l$, got your money back after 18 sales
2nd Level (40%) : Arcadian 1.400l$,you keep 560l$, got your money back after 27 sales
3rd Level (60%) : Arcadian 1.400 l$, you keep 840l$, got your money back after 35 sales
Thank you very much

Jacks Sparrow

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