Saturday, November 3, 2012

Sparrow Gift Cards

For those that want to give their friends and family something original and usefull we have Sparrow Gift Cards... Your friends will be happy with that gift and you can use it for yourself too....
We have them in different amounts: 2.500L$, 1.600L$, 1.440L$, 1.280L$... And what is the best thing in Sparrow : if you are already our customer you will pay for it half price!!!! Where can you buy 2.500L$ for 1.250L$???  Only in Sparrow Industries :))
Its simple for use. You need to buy a Gift Card from the vendor and tranfer to your friend that you want to give, or wear yourself.
When you find it in your inventory just wear it and it will attach to your hand. Next step is simple click on the vendor board (under the gift cards) with the object that you want to buy. Clik on yes to buy and the product will come to you :)
 Enjoy with things that you have got in Sparrow Industries :)

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