Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sparrow Greeter Bot

 Greetings in style and personalized way.

Sparrow Greeter fully automated system that provides speed and security to move to desired locations around your land and sim. Displays dialog box allowing flexibility in sending information such as landmarks, note cards, and the sending of greetings to his visitors. Send greetings to visitors in style, class, agility and personalized way with the Sparrow Greeter.

Sparrow Greeter bot is a fully automated system for visitor helping move around your land or Sim. Many Sims are spitted into areas (Clubs, Malls etc) and the people that comes for 1st time they have to search for each location. With this bot they simply can sit and select the location they want to move. Also they can select from the avatar list the person they want to visit.
Setting up
The setup is very easy for the Greeter Bot. After you unboxed the product you will find 1 bot and 4 bases. Each base is equipped with radar. If your area is small then you will need only 1 base, but in case you want to cover a whole sim, then you need to place the 4 bases. Each base can cover 192m in cycle where the center of that cycle located at the center of the base. So 192m is the diameter of the cycle. After you setup the bases, you can rez a bot. The bot after is rezzed will start the identification of the area, locate the boarders and put himself in single mode. If you rez another one then the 2 bots will communicate and will both enter in multi mode. In single mode the bot will try to serve all the visitors, but when more than 1 bot is rezzed then they will split the visitors for more fast service. There is no limit of how many bots will be rezzed, but each bot must have 1 base to go for landing after finish his tasks. When a bot goes to multi mode, and then is not possible to return back to single mode. To do that you will have to reset the scripts inside the bot and the base.

How is working
When the system is placed, you will need a minimum 1 base and 1 bot active. When someone enters your area, the base will identify him as visitor and will send the report to the bot. The bot then will start to hover and fly toward his location. The bot will automatically enter in follow mode and will send the welcome message telling him to sit on the bot. After the avatar sits on the bot, the bot will open a dialog with actions. The visitor is free to choose any of the available actions as example “Locations”. After the visitor choose the desired location he want to visit the bot will start traveling to the location and upon arrival, he will unsit the visitor and heading to the next task. If there is no tasks available then the bot will move to the nearest available base to land.
Dialog box
The Dialog box comes with the following actions: LANDMARK, NOTECARD, AVATARS, LOCATIONS and NO THANKS. Here we will describe what is each one.
LANDMARK: The bot sends your landmark from the bots inventory. Be sure to have 1 landmark inside your bot. To do that you have to remove the sparrow industries landmark from insides bots inventory and put your own.
NOTECARD: The bot sends your notecard from the bots inventory. Be sure to have 1 notecard inside your bot. To do that you have to remove the sparrow industries notecard from insides bots inventory and put your own.
AVATARS: After the visitor press that function then another one blue dialog will appear with the avatars are inside the area and then the visitor can select to witch avatar wants to visit.
LOCATIONS: After the visitor press that function then another one blue dialog will appear with the pre-saved locations and then the visitor can select to witch avatar wants to visit.
NO THANKS: If the visitor selects that option the bot will hover up and continue with the next task.
How to save locations
The saved locations are not landmarks. To save a location then you will need to edit the zzSettings notecard inside the bot. there you will see there is lines and some lines starting with the word “Location=”. You have to remove all the pre-saved locations and put yours. To add a new locations you simply move your avatar to the area and check the sims coordinates located at your upper of your screen, next to the lands name. The coordinates are 3 numbers identifying your position inside the sim (x, y and z).  So if you want to save a location easy type
Location=NAME@<87,160,29 > where the name is a name of your choice for the location and then the coordinates of the location, and save the notecard.
Other settings located in the zzSettings
Inside the zzSettings notecard you will notice that there is some other settings. Those settings are for several actions.
welcome message: is the message that send to each visitor comes to your land.
Sounds=on/off: this options turns the engines sounds on or off.
Soundsvolume=0.2: this is the level of the volume the engines will run. Values (0.0 to 1.0)
voice=on/off: this options turns the voice sounds on or off.
voicevolume=0.4: this is the level of the volume the voice. Values (0.0 to 1.0)

Inside the bot there is a script with name “Voice Controller”. That Script is a plugin that makes the bot able to say the messaged in voice. In the near future more voices will become available and when you want to use a different voice then you have to replace that script with the new one.

After many years of experience and production, Sparrow Industries again comes with something unique and stylish. Greeter Bot is very promising and can easy amaze your friends with his movement. There will be many plugins in the future that allows you to have group inviters etc. This is the beginning of a new, stylish and very promising product. As we know Sparrow Industries always puts higher standards for the market and this is the future of the Teleportation and visitor helping. Thank you for choosing stylish for your visitors.
So why to have something less than a Sparrow product?
Sparrow Industries

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